May The Force Be With You: The Phantom Menace Returning to Theaters for 25th Anniversary

images courtesy Lucasfilm

It seems like it was just yesterday when George Lucas' prequel trilogy was in theaters. It's been announced that Episode I: The Phantom Menace will be getting a theatrical re-release for its 25 anniversary. It will begin screening in theaters on May 3rd. The film was initially released on May 1999 to mixed reviews. It seems to gain more positivity from SW fans as the years go on, despite the always annoying Gungan, Jar-Jar Binks. 

Despite divisive opinions of the film, it went on to be a massive hit for Lucasfilm prior to Disney's buyout. It went on to gross just over $1 billion in ticket sales during its initial run and subsequent re-releases which included a 3D version. The other two movies in the prequel saga were to be released in 3D as well but were ultimately cancelled due to low box office for The Phantom Menace in 3D. 

The latest cinematic release of the film will celebrate the movie's anniversary and has a brand new poster from artist Matt Ferguson. Check it out below.