Box Office Wasteland: Furiosa Will Have Lowest Memorial Day Opening In Decades

Image courtesy Warner Bros.

It appears that George Miller's latest Mad Max entry is going to struggle at the box office this weekend. Despite a massive promotional campaign and tons of positive feedback which is built upon the foundations of his Mad Max: Fury Road, the film will end up posting the lowest Memorial Day weekend opening in decades. We're not sure if it's disinterest in cinema or just a lack of real interest in the movie itself, but Furiosa looks to open to a lowly $31-34 million which won't bode well for the future of the franchise and may spell doom for another entry starring Tom Hardy as the title character, Mad Max

As it stands, this will be the lowest box office draw (adjusted for inflation) in the last 41 years of nearly historic ticket sales for this extended holiday weekend. The movie is estimated to make $11 million from previews and Friday screenings with a possible $27.5 million for the 3 days including Saturday through Monday, but that would be on the higher end of the spectrum. Still, it's not a great number for a massive studio picture. 

It's been reported that Furiosa cost the studio $168 million prior to its promotional budget. With a massive marketing campaign and absolutely huge social media push, this is not good for the movie that was expected to be one of the biggest hits of the summer.