News: Lost In Space Reboot For Netflix

It looks like Lost In Space is getting a new treatment. 

Just a few days ago, we published an article: 5 Sci-Fi Flicks That Deserve A Reboot. Well, in that list we stated that it's high time Lost in Space gets a total do over. It comes as a total surprise to us that Netflix is actually in the early stages of kicking off a whole new series that will start the story over again.

With the successes of all their current series including Daredevil, it comes as no shock that Netflix will continue the trend of producing more great original content. The initial run of the new series is said to be a limited 10 episode arc. With films like The Martian being so massively successful across the board and tv becoming the go to place for original content, Lost in Space will be a welcome new addition to the sci fi programming. 

If Netflix can cast the perfect actor in the role of Dr. Smith and can produce some top notch visual effects, this might be a sure fire hit. After the disastrous box office of the 1998 film, it'll be nice to see how they go with this and how they'll improve on the Robinson family dynamic. 

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