Box Office News: Mission:Impossible Fallout Projected To Be The Biggest Tom Cruise Opening Ever

Tom Cruise is about to hit a high mark at the box office. 

Over the course of the last decade, we'll be the first to admit that Tom Cruise's status as a box office draw has diminished quite a bit. But his resume is loaded with tons of major films that have huge grosses. With last year's box office flop of American Made, many were not sure what his status would be with upcoming projects. Well, the good news for all involved with the Mission:Impossible franchise is that people are amped for Fallout. 

Considering the franchise has been running for 22 years, it would be normal to see the numbers tumble a bit at this point in the game. Now, most analysts are saying that this entry will be the biggest of the series and will be a record setting number for a Tom Cruise opening weekend. Fallout is set to score nearly $70-75 million in its opening frame. Set against a budget of $150 million, this will be a major success for Cruise and all involved. 

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