News: Director Gareth Evans Reveals Synopsis for the Cancelled Raid 3

Just last week, Director Gareth Evans let fans down by saying there are no plans for another addition to the Raid series. He basically said that he thinks they said everything they needed to say with the two action epics. Now he's come out and revealed where the third movie would have gone. The first Raid came out in 2011 to critical praise and was followed by a second movie that upped the action and went in a totally new direction. Sadly for us fans, it sounds like this will never happen but here's what Gareth revealed to JoBlo about what he wanted to do with part three:

I knew what I wanted to do with The Raid 3, I knew what that story was going to be. If I was ever going to make it, it really had to have happened after we made The Raid 2. The storyline was going to pick up - I'll give you a little bit of it - if you were watching The Raid 2 and rewound from the ending about 15-20 minutes back to when Goto gives instructions to his right-hand man to go kill the police, kill the politicians,'kill everyone that we work with, we're going to start fresh,' that was going to be the first scene of The Raid 3. It was going to be more about the yakuza than it was going to be about Rama; Rama was not really going to feature in that storyline much at all, it was going to be about the bosses in Japan realizing that someone in Jakarta that represented them started to fuck with the politicians and the police in a country they don't belong in. It was going to be the fallout from that.