The Movie Sleuth's Worst 10 of 2012

10. Taken 2 - This desperate cash grab is nothing but a rip off of the original Taken with a nearly identical plot and nothing but a constant barrage of gaping plot holes. This whole movie should have been abducted and never released anywhere near a cinema. In fact, it deserved a bullet to the head.

9. American Reunion - Another sad attempt at milking a dead franchise didn't really focus much on laughs but rather spent it's time meandering around the same old plot devices from the last 85 entries in this now dead franchise. I really can't wait to see the next one, American Losers Still Hung Up On High School.

8. Total Recall - A useless remake that never even goes to Mars. Really? No Mars? What were they thinking? Besides a few cool exterior scenes and some over the top action sequences, this was just a disastrous blockbuster gone wrong.

7. Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter - This movie is so bad that I almost walked out. It's just a tragedy that they couldn't turn this unique idea in to a cool motion picture. What we were given was a fictional history lesson in how not to change important historical figures in to vampire slayers.

6. The Phantom Menace 3D - Yeah, I know. This wasn't really a 2012 release in essence. However, I had to take this chance to bash Lucasfilm for once again releasing this sub par franchise film with almost no respect for the audience that helped build the Lucas empire. 3D could not save this boring movie from it's poor script and comatose acting. I really can't wait for the next two. Yeah! No.

5. Silent Hill : Revelations - This movie takes all the creepiness of the first and turns it in to a CGI fest of overwhelmingly terrible plot choices. I hated everything about it. Sean Bean needed a paycheck. That's about all I can say.

4. Greystone Park - Listen. Some movies pull off the found footage formula. Take Chronicle for instance. That film is unique in it's vision. This is not. The camera shakes so much that it literally made me want to vomit. Greystone Park is dreadful, thoughtless and undeniably bad horror. The people that made this should be bound, gagged and tortured for weeks on end. If ever I wanted to physically harm a director, it would be the douche that made this crap. Film making is an art. This is not. It's a camera shaking uncontrollably for 90 minutes with no central focus ever.

3. Expendables 2 - This movie is so bad it's not funny. It's like an adrenaline soaked pair of Depends worn by a bunch of saggy old men that don't know when it's time to hang up the automatic weapons. The acting is horrid. The plot was written by a 6 year old. And the comedic elements are outright uncomfortable. The only saving grace was Van Damme while Stallone is out of touch and a sad example of what the human growth hormones can do to your brain. Obviously they cause brain swelling and severe trauma.

2. The Bay - This reality based found footage film is a tragic step backwards in the genre that the Blair Witch helped create. Nothing about it is original and the acting is just plain bad. All copies should be burned immediately.

1. Red Tails - This last Lucas "film" is further proof of the man's ever increasing distance from reality. Every single moment of the movie is wasted on bad acting, poor direction, and a certain disconnect that can be felt throughout all the latter movies by Lucas. If I were one of the Tuskegee pilots, I would discredit this film for all it's historical inaccuracies, bad direction and absolutely profound disrespect for the audience. This movie actually insulted my intelligence at every turn. It also suffers from extremely wooden performances. Sound familiar?